The Sources Of Funding For Health Care

Health care is one of the most important issues today, especially given the ever-increasing cost of treatments. Many have fallen into bankruptcy because of illnesses. The government often steps in to help its citizens knowing that health is crucial for a productive citizenry. The funds used to cover the cost usually come from a combination of the following sources:


The taxes can come from different levels of government. There is generally a substantial amount of the national budget funneled into this purpose. The funds are used to construct new hospitals and maintain those already in existence. The money keeps them staffed with excellent doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and support personnel. It ensures that they have the latest equipment necessary to fight common ailments and the newest threats. They subsidize the charity wards so that indigent patients can receive care without any worries. They enable people to get certain treatments and medicines for free.

Social Insurance

Sometimes the governments will sponsor programs that benefit certain segments of the population. These will have specific eligibility requirements such as age and income. There is also a published list of benefits to be clear about the inclusions and limitations. This may be partially funded by taxes but other sources are possible to increase the collection. This can be compulsory or voluntary with subsidies provided to encourage the participation of vulnerable individuals.

Private Insurance

This is available virtually everywhere to provide more options to people who would like medical coverage. Each company sets their own rates and coverages. People might prefer this type of insurance because it tends to be more flexible. Clients can customize the benefits that they receive based on their payments. Social insurance tends to have a broader view of how the funds will be distributed whereas private insurers can cater to specific needs. This is voluntary and each person can choose which company to give their premium payments to.


Sometimes health care is funded by the donations of generous individuals. The money is often collected by charities which specialize in this kind of advocacy. For instance, one charity may focus on children with cancer. They try to help the patients and their families cope with this tremendously difficult situation. They may also gather funds to aid in research efforts to find better cures. People can organize fund raising events like concerts, races, and other activities to fund specific individuals or institutions.


Commonly, however, the funds do come from the patients themselves. They have to pay out-of-pocket if the medical procedure is out of the scope of their insurance. This may include things like cosmetic procedures and experimental treatments. Insurance companies may also exclude pre-existing conditions when you apply for their service. This can be extremely expensive, making it a big blow to the finances. Even relatively simple procedures may cost thousands of dollars. This is especially hard when you get into an accident and the injuries are severe. Getting some form of insurance is definitely ideal to avoid problems like this.